Mission Statement

The Icelandic Ostomy Association (Isilco) is an NGO dedicaded to improve quality of life for Icelandic ostomates with education, support and motivation.


Isilco will put great emphasis that ostomates can have a meaningful life, where they can gain confidence and can overcome challenges. Focus will be put on making the ostomate more visible to the public along with educating ostomates, their family members, professionals in the health industry and the public. We will listen to the needs of ostomates and improve our dialog with the health industry.

Our creed

Meaningful life with an ostomy -


The Icelandic Ostomy Association (Isilco) was founded in 1980 and has approximately 300 members. Our members are mainly concentrated in the capital area but there is also a branch in the Northern part of the country. Isilco is governed by a board of five members each elected for a period of two years.

ISILCO is a member of the Icelandic Cancer Society and also the Organization of Disabled in Iceland.

In Iceland all ostomy appliances are free of charge. All supplies ostomates need are paid by the National Health Insurance which is funded by taxes.